Confidentiality, Safety and Protection of Personal Data

The treatment of personal data is carried out in the strict compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of physical persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on free movement of such data, and / or any legislation regulating, adds or replaces said legislation, in the set designated by "general data protection regulation" (hereinafter referred to as RGPD).

Personal data is obtained for the purpose of:

  • Own activity linked to a travel agency, wholesale and retail;
  • Supply to stakeholders in the service requested by the user for accreditation of the reserve / contracted service;
  • Management, administration, delivery, expansion and improvement of the services in which the user decides to subscribe and register or use the adequacy of these services to the preferences and tastes of users;
  • Check credit cards and other types of cards used in payment and indicated by the user itself;
  • The study of the use of services by users;
  • Check, maintain and develop statistical systems and analyzes;
  • Advertising activities, promotion and commercial prospection if appreciated by the user;
  • Send inquiry forms to which the user is not required to respond;
  • Send SMS messages for direct sales, advertisers or related to the hired service.

The formalization of reserves implies the information of personal data of identification by their owners, as well as aspects relating to their personal preferences, special circumstances that affect or other, data relating to frequent or other passenger cards, which will be used To facilitate and allow the contracting and reservation of the concrete services that make up the request for the holder, and also to provide information regarding products and services of the travel club. For safety reasons, applicable to certain countries, is mandatory to place on flights, in addition to the name of the traveler, information regarding data as a passport number or citizen card, sex, age, nationality. This information contained in the reserve may, in accordance with the applicable legislation, be consulted by the customs authorities of the countries of origin or destination.

In addition, the data holder expressly will consent that their personal data can be assigned to:

  • National and international authorities competent in the field of tourism, terrorism or offenses that listen to human rights;
  • Any legal entity branch or participated by the club travel or to the company that has provided the contracted service (hotels, aquatic, terrestrial, rail, air, rental, etc.), to use them with the purpose of a correct provision of Each service requested by the data holder.

At the time of collection of personal data, except in the fields in which it is indicated otherwise, the holder may, voluntarily, facilitate personal data, without the lack of response involves a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services (less That is indicated another thing). Nevertheless, the lack of response to data, considered obligatory, will imply the impossibility of accessing the service for which the data were requested. The Travel Club may reveal users to third parties solely with the purpose of completing the requested reservation and for administrative reasons under the existing legislation for travel / service implementation for certain countries. Any collected data will be transmitted in accordance with the RGPD, to the entities involved to hire the services required to measure absolutely necessary for the concretion of the desired reserve / service and to comply with the legislation of the destination countries. In no situation will be requested information on philosophical or political convictions, partisan or union membership, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnic origin as well as health and sexual data, including genetic data.

The travel club, accessing any personal data, undertakes to:

  • Custodiating them through safety measures, legally required, technical and organizational nature, which guarantee their safety, thus avoiding their change, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the state of technology at all times, nature of the data and the possible risks to which they are exposed;
  • Use or apply the data exclusively with the duly planned purposes;
  • Make sure that data is handled solely by workers whose intervention is necessary for the service being required for the duty of secrecy and confidentiality. Existing the possibility of information being revealed to third parties, these must be required to save the proper confidentiality in accordance with this document.


Any personal data that their holders can reveal to the travel club, will be understood as obtained, treated and transmitted under the strict compliance with RGPD. By providing your personal data, the holders of them declare that they authorize and consent to the treatment of these data by the club travel for the purposes of facilitating and enabling the contracting and reservation of the concrete services that make up their request.

The Travel Club declares and ensures that it has implemented, is endowed and will continue to implement the technical and organizational safety measures necessary to ensure the safety of the personal data provided to you, aiming to avoid your alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, taking into account the current state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed. The personal data provided are incorporated / stored in a computer application property of the travel club. Access to the information on the club's employees are only possible with the insertion of access passwords, with the documented registration. Changes to existing data in the files are possible, getting a register of the date and user code responsible for the change.

Personal data is treated with the degree of protection legally required to ensure their safety and avoid their change, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, with the holder of them conscious and accepting that Internet security measures are not impregnable , taking into account the state of technology. The travel club is endowed with technical peripheral control infrastructures, namely by Datacenter and VPN firewall that respect the safety requirements. Computer servers are housed in a datacenter operator, with a digital information protection service of the housed servers being carried out. The service encompasses the backup of files, conservation according to the defined policy and the restore at the request of the travel club.

Personal data shall be retained for the period necessary for the pursuit of the purposes of their treatment and / or, depending on their nature, for the period to which the travel club is obliged for the competent fiscal entities. The Club Travel guarantees the data holder the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition legally predicted. If the data holder wishes to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition that RPDP grants them, should refer an e-mail message to


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